EU Division – European Union Imposes Sanctions on Russia

Back in 2017, EU and USA imposed Sanctions on Russia. President Trump gave the thumbs up to some new penalties for Russia on a Wednesday. This move came after both Democrats and Republicans in Congress totally backed up these new rules.

EU Division - European Union imposes Sanctions on Russia
EU Division – European Union imposes Sanctions on Russia

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What happened in 2016

Last week, Congress made this call because Russia messed with the 2016 US election, treated people badly, took over Crimea, and got mixed up in fights in eastern Ukraine. Not cool, Russia!

Russia wasn’t too happy about it, to say the least. They got ticked off and kicked out 755 US workers and snatched two American spots in Russia. It was like they slammed the door shut on any chance of the US and Russia hitting the reset button.

Here’s the rundown:

What’s in the bill

So, this bill talks about giving Russia, Iran, and North Korea a slap on the wrist. It also makes it tougher for the President to just say “never mind” and lift these sanctions without Congress agreeing.

The Russian sanctions are for people and groups who:

  • Help Russia mess with US computer stuff
  • Put money into Russian energy pipelines
  • Do big deals with Russian military and spy groups (but this won’t happen for six months)
  • Do or help with really bad stuff against people’s rights
  • Do big-time corruption
  • Help Syria get weapons
  • Put $10 million or more into stuff Russia owns, which might help government people and their friends make extra cash.

The bill talks about 12 ways to Sanction people and makes the President use at least five of them for those who are in trouble. This could mean freezing their stuff, kicking them out of the US, or stopping them from selling things to America.

Why are there so many sanctions for Russia lately

  • Ukraine: Back in 2014, the US and Europe put on a bunch of punishments because Russia took over Crimea from Ukraine.
  • US election stuff: In December 2016, the US put on more punishments because Russia supposedly messed with the US election. They shut down two Russian spots where spies hung out and told 35 Russian workers to go home. A report said Putin wanted Trump to win.

EU – European Union imposes Sanctions on Russia

Europe has been joining in on punishing Russia, but they’re worried about the new US punishments. They’re afraid it might mess up some big energy projects and cause more fights inside Europe.

The US wants to punish people who invest in Russian energy pipelines. They think Russia uses these pipelines to have more control in Europe.

Europe thinks this is unfair because they want to make sure they have enough energy, and a lot of it comes from Russia. So, they’re not happy about these new rules.

What does Russia want

Putin, Russia’s leader, thinks these punishments are silly and wants them gone, especially the ones from the 2012 Magnitsky Act. This law goes after Russians who hurt people’s rights.

In a meeting between Putin and Trump, they talked about “adoptions,” which is linked to the Magnitsky Act. Russia stopped Americans from adopting Russian kids because of this law.

Russia wants these punishments to go away because they think it’s unfair. They’ve been asking Trump to do something about it.

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