Japanese Billionaire Kazuo Okada Plans to Transform Philippines

Recent reports have shown that a Japanese Billionaire, Kazuo Okada is planning to transform Philippines into “The Next Hawaii”. As we all know, Philippines is the place of largest Casino Tycoons. These tycoons are known to benefit from Duterte’s Online Gambling Crackdown.

Japanese Billionaire Kazuo Okada Plans to Transform Philippines in to The New Hawaii
Japanese Billionaire Kazuo Okada Plans to Transform Philippines in to The New Hawaii

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Okada’s New Casino Resort

Kazuo Okada, a billionaire from Japan plans to transform Philippines into the next Hawaii destination. Okada recently visited Manila, Philippines in the opening ceremony of his new $2.4 billion casino resort and made the following statement.

China, Beijing, the air is polluted … I think the Philippines would be one of the best tourist spots for everybody

Kazuo Okada

A report by SCMP – South China Morning Post says – “In addition to Manila, Okada said he was also exploring the possibility of operating resorts on the Philippine islands of Palawan and Boracay, both major tourist attractions, in a bid to tap the lucrative Chinese market.”

“I would like to make the Philippines the next Hawaii, given that there are a lot of great beaches here,” he told ABS-CBN television in an interview aired late on Wednesday.

Revenue Prediction by Okada

The new complex of Japanese Billionaire, Kazuo Okada in the Philippines Capital city, Manila would initially employ approximately 10,000 people and is one of four mega-casinos planned on a vibrant strip fronting Manila Bay that will be called Entertainment City.

As part of its effort to become one of the world’s top gambling destinations, following the Chinese enclave of Macau, the gaming industry’s capital, the country aims to generate revenues of US$7 billion by 2020, nearly the same as Singapore and Las Vegas.

Kazuo Okada Reveals Success Tips

Okada is known as a media shy tycoon, but when Philstar interviewed him, He gave his three important tips for success in any business. His tips are as follows:

Have a positive attitude. “Of course, life has so many disappointments, but those are just temporary,” Okada says. “When we stumble or fall to the bottom, there’s nowhere else to go but up, so I always have a positive attitude. I always look forward and I always think that there’s a way. Having a positive outlook is not only beneficial for our goal of attaining success in our career or life, it is also one secret to enjoying good health.”

Never give up. “Everybody has failures; no one is 100-percent-successful in everything they do. What is very important, instead of giving up, continue to fight!”

Be grateful. “I believe one of my success secrets is my feeling of gratitude. We should be grateful and thank others. Nobody can achieve true success only on one’s own or without the support of others, so we should always express our gratitude and sincere appreciation for other people.”

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