Trump announcement on VP selection amid speculations

Recently, former President of the United States, Donald Trump made an announcement on who he is going to pic as Vice President Candidate. This is one of the decisions which everyone was waiting to know.

Everyone speculated Nikki Haley to be VP, but latest news doesn’t seem to agree, but a recent post from Trump on his social media platform Truth Social said this – “Nikki Haley is not under consideration for the V.P. slot, but I wish her well! DJT” making it clear that Nikki Haley is no more considered for VP.

Trump makes VP announcement
Trump makes VP announcement

Nikki Haley is a former two-term South Carolina governor and has served as ambassador to the United Nations in the Trump administration.

In a statement published on Fox News, CEO John P. Walters, the president of Hudson said in a statement that “Nikki is a proven, effective leader on both foreign and domestic policy. In an era of worldwide political upheaval, she has remained a steadfast defender of freedom and an effective advocate for American security and prosperity. We are honored to have her join the Hudson team.”

A report on the Axios states “The GOP rivals’ relationship remains chilly. But the sources said Trump could pick Haley if he were convinced she’d help him win the presidency, avoid a potential prison sentence and cover tens of millions in legal bills if he loses.”

“Spokespeople for Trump and Haley declined to comment on Friday when asked about the possibility,” – the report continued.

The report also mentions that – “Republicans close to both campaigns believe it’s in Haley and Trump’s mutual interests to reconcile, despite their bitter fight in the GOP primary and their divergent views on some big issues.”

“Trump is scrambling to make up a fundraising disadvantage against President Biden and pay legal fees. Haley, meanwhile, has deep ties to donors who are wary of the former president. A reconciliation with Haley, his former UN ambassador, also could help Trump cut attract some of the college-educated Republicans who have kept voting for her in primaries even after she dropped out. In Indiana’s primary on Tuesday, Haley got more than 20% of the vote in a contest that also allowed Democrats and independents to cast ballots in the GOP race,” the report added.

The report said that there were advantages for Haley too.

“She hasn’t endorsed Trump, and if she continues to withhold her support and Trump loses in November, significant parts of the GOP’s conservative base could blame her. That likely would threaten any future presidential campaign or future in GOP politics for her,” it said.

Earlier this year, Trump said Haley didn’t have “presidential timber”. Nikki Haley said Trump was “not qualified” to be president in an interview to TODAY on Feb 14, 2024.

In April, Haley is opening a new chapter in her career after failing to capture the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Also during the GOP presidential primary debates, Haley often engaged in heated debates with Vivek Ramaswamy, who advocated for Trump’s “America First” philosophy regarding the nation’s role overseas.

During her White House campaign, Haley promoted a robust U.S. foreign policy approach to address global flashpoints like the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the clashes involving Israel and Hamas. This stance often stood in stark contrast to Trump’s “America First” agenda, which aimed to steer clear of international engagements.

Haley dropped out of the race in March, but has proven to be a thorn in Trump’s side, pulling primary voters in key swing states even after she suspended her campaign. Between the two candidates, early presidential polls and early primary exit polls showed Haley maintained an edge on Trump among college-educated Republicans, a bloc the former president is trying to sway ahead of the general election.

Trump has yet to announce his running mate in his rematch against Biden, with six months left before the November election—though he has sung the praises of a handful of Republicans considered to be on the former president’s vice-president shortlist, – a Forbes report states.

It includes “Among those hopefuls are Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, who briefly challenged Trump for GOP nominee before backing out of the race.

Trump has since aligned himself with the Republican lawmakers, calling Scott “unbelievable” and praising Burgum as “very rich” at an event last week at Mar-a-Lago.”

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