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Frontera PRO subscribers get unlimited access to every article published on Frontera (limit of 5 articles per month for non-subscribers). You’ll also get free access to our full content archive covering 100+ countries, on-demand research service, unlimited downloads of all PRO reports, and much more!

Our team of experienced emerging markets researchers and analysts provide daily support to asset managers, hedge funds, and an entire community of internationally curious professionals.

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We have over 25,000 members across the world that rely on Frontera for our daily emerging markets news, investment information, trading ideas, and research database.

Included in Frontera PRO Subscriptions:

  • Exclusive Access to Entire PRO Database – more than 3,000+ articles per year (5 articles per month limit for non-subscribers) with coverage of current events, analysis, and new actionable trading ideas distributed each day.
  • Unlimited Access to PRO Research Reports – subscribers gain instant access to all Frontera PRO reports available in our Research and Intelligence Marketplace (RIM).
  • Research On Demand – Frontera PRO subscribers have full access to our Research-On-Demand service to address all of your emerging market needs for financial modeling, idea generation, preparing company and sector reports, analyzing events, coverage maintenance, country intelligence, and more.
    • Pricing for research reports is based on scope and complexity of the service request, and determined in advance of commissioning. Unless otherwise specified in the request, you will have exclusivity on your content for a period of 30 days, whereupon the report will become available to the Frontera Pro subscriber base.
    • All research is delivered within 5-10 days.
  • Free 14-Day Access to Krzana (retail value $300 per month) – This cloud based real-time search engine powered by artificial intelligence allows users to access real-time information before it hits the newswires. Discover M&A, geopolitical events, lawsuits, official and unofficial announcements, analyst predictions, niche rumors, HR movements, and other business-critical information before the competition and respond to news before it’s The News.
  • 20% Discount on all Premium Research Reports – Access unlimited savings on all Premium reports in our Research and Intelligence Marketplace (RIM), the world’s first online marketplace for high-quality research in emerging markets.
  • Customer Support 7 Days Per Week – Direct access to a customer success specialist for technical or support questions


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