Everything about Meta AI search bar in Instagram

Meta’s new AI powered search bar has attracted the attention of many users. Recently Meta has rolled out the testing of it’s META AI Chatbot in countries like India on WhatsApp. Now Meta is experimenting this Chat bot in Instagram as AI powered search bar for both chat with AI and content discovery.

Meta AI Chatbot powered Search bar on Instagram
Meta AI Chatbot powered Search bar on Instagram

If you are part of its experimenting audience, you will find a change in the search bar. The search query box will lead yuo to a conversation in DM with Meta AI, where you can ask questions or use one of the pre-loaded prompts.

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Meta Chatbot design

The design of the prompt screen prompted Perplexity AI’s CEO, Aravind Srinivas, to point out that the interface uses a design similar to the startup’s search screen.

But beyond that, it could also help you discover new content on Instagram. For instance, a video on Threads posted by a user indicates that you can tap on a prompt like “Beautiful Maui sunset Reels” to search for Reels related to that topic – an article on TechCrunch said.

Meta Rolling Out AI powered search box across its platforms

An article on TheDecoder reported that – “Meta AI is putting its AI assistant in the spotlight. The company is testing an AI-powered search bar on Instagram, which can be used to chat with the AI and discover content. A search query in the search bar will lead to a conversation with Meta AI in the direct message area, where you can ask questions or use pre-built prompts. The AI could also help discover new content on Instagram, for example, by providing tips on appropriate Reels videos on a particular topic.

Meta confirmed to TechCrunch that this is an experiment with Meta AI on Instagram, but left open whether the generative AI technology will be used for search. Meta also plans to unveil its new open-source language model, Llama 3, in the near future.”

Strategic understanding of Meta AI chatbot Release

Given the longstanding concerns surrounding the quality of Instagram’s search functionality, Meta’s exploration of generative AI presents an opportunity to enhance search capabilities significantly. Such initiatives align with Meta’s broader objective to bolster Instagram’s discoverability and competitiveness, particularly in comparison to platforms like TikTok.

This strategic maneuver comes amidst industry trends, with competitors like Google introducing features to surface content from platforms such as Reddit and TikTok. Recent reports, such as those by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, suggest that Instagram is also exploring options like “Visibility off Instagram,” potentially indicating a bid to improve content visibility within external search engine results. – an article by Multiplatform.AI on Medium suggests.

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