Blood Lines Tested as Uzbekistan Clans Compete for Succession

Blood Lines of powerful families in Uzbekistan are tested as clans of these families compete for succession.

President Islam Karimov - Blood Lines of clans tested in Uzbekistan
President Islam Karimov – Blood Lines of clans tested in Uzbekistan

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Uzbek President Hospitalized

A report by The Hindu, said that – The president of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov is in a stable condition in an intensive care ward after suffering a brain haemorrhage on Saturday. His daughter Lola Karimova – Tillyaeva wrote on her Instagram page about this on Monday.

Mr. Karimov who is about 78 years old now, has been in power in Uzbekistan since 1999. It can be noted that the president ruled the nation from when it was a Soviet republic. One of the report says that the president has no obvious successor. This means that the eventual transition of power is likely to be decided within a close circle of his family and top officials. “At the moment, it is too early to make any forecasts about his condition in the future,” his daughter wrote. “I will be grateful to everyone who will support my father with prayers.”

Karimov in Uzbekistan

Islam Karimov has been ruling Uzbekistan with an iron fist since the year 1991. His regime has committed several human rights crimes. A report by The Guardian has explained that Uzbekistan has allegations of boiling dissenters and activists.

Karimov’s rule in the Central Asian country is based on a balance between Uzbekistan’s two most prominent clans, the Samarkand clan (of which Karimov is a member) and the Tashkent clan.

Blood Lines Tested in Uzbekistan

A report by The Diplomat states – Uzbekistan’s two strongest clans are competing for control over the nation’s security institutions. These events were known to be occasionally heated but now are turning out to be violent.

As no one has inherited power, the eldest daughter of Karimov, Gulnara is known to be under House arrest as battle for succession may turn to be violent and volatile.

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